10 Best PopSocket Alternatives You Must Know in 2024

We hope you will love all the products recommend in this guide. All of them are independently selected by our team. FYI the products are in stock as of the publishing time. Please make sure before hitting the Buy button. 

Upgrading to bigger phone screens, usually, buyers neglect one of the most crucial aspects which they realize when they feel difficulty in navigating one-handed, and that’s nothing but; a bigger screen.

So get up and let me help you in finding the best one for you. I am sure you won’t regret the purchase. 

My team has gathered the 10 best PopSocket alternatives and uses them personally to give you an authentic review. 

Let’s start;

Here are the best PopSockets alternatives we tested, now it’s your turn to try the best suited to your needs:

10 Best PopSocket Alternatives (Similar to PopSocket)

1. Ghostek Loop Phone Holder Strap

When it comes to PopSockets, you can see plenty of phone holders who are Qi-compatible, and some of them are magnetic enough, which goes well with the car mounts. And it’s rare to get one holder which can support both; thought this Loop phone holder strap by Ghostek sticks to the device and get lock in the main module. 

This features like a metal plate for mounts; there is a fabric loop enough for gripping your phone firmly and a fold-out for landscape kickstand. This is an ordinary phone ring holder, but the ergonomic grip allows the user for interchangeable straps as well. 

The loop in these Popsocket alternatives is not elastic, so there is no need of getting worried about the stretching like the LoveHandle. But the fabric tends to absorb funky smells when you keep it inside your sweaty pockets for too long.


  • Ergonomic Phone Finger Holder Strap
  • Built-In Magnetic Car Mount
  • Adjustable Kickstand
  • Ergonomic Grip Design
  • Interchangeable best phone straps


  • Its strap can absorb sweat.

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2. WizGear Universal Ring Holder Grip

WizGear Universal Ring Holder Grip

The WizGear universal ring holder features a modern design, but this works with some smartphone. So be very vigilant before picking this one for you. It would be much better to ask the seller before making a final purchase.

This ring holder is made of thick metal which can hold a fair amount of weight quickly. Most of the online reviews show that this one is the ideal smartphone mount when you want to enjoy a better view of your video or text.

The 180 and 360 allow you to hold device in place and you don’t feel any hindrance or shakiness. Moreover, this one can also be used as a magnet to protect your phone on a car mount.


  • Ergonomic design
  • Improved flexibility
  • Easy to install
  • Sturdy


  • Don’t hold iPhone X firmly.

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3. Libosa Phone Ring Cell Phone Ring Holder

Libosa Phone Ring Cell Phone Ring Holder is also the best popsocket alternative

The Libosa Phone Ring Cell Phone Ring Holder is acrylic which doesn’t affect the design of your phone; rather, it complements the outlook. 

The adhesive used in this phone is much better than the ordinary one as this stays good even in humid weather so if you are in some hot region, this could be the best option as per my experience.

This one is a bit hard to remove from the case; so it is highly recommended to use on the phone case and don’t put it on your device directly.


  • Transparent acrylic design
  • Free rotation
  • Firm grip rotation
  • Good compatibility for all smartphones
  • Durable


  • Relatively high price
  • Hard to remove from the case

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4. Cell Phone Ring Holder Stand by MR. YLLS 

Cell Phone Ring Holder Stand by MR. YLLS

MR. YLLS Universal Air Vent Car Phone Mount is a 3 in 1 and Finger Grip phone holder. The phone holder doesn’t only protect your device from falling and get scratches but also let your hands got free. Additionally, you can use this ring holder as a car mount, so you enjoy video, movie, or live chat while driving. Not only this but you can also rotate your phone at 360° which way more convenient for any angle. So if someone else in your car wants to watch out for anything; this feature can be a blessing. All you need to do is to clip you, holder, on the CD slot, and there you go.

The 3M adhesive is durable and sturdy when you put this as a kickstand. You can call it as the best companion when watching a movie. The adhesive used in this phone PopSocket is of good quality; it will firmly attach to the phone or its case. And the ring is super easy to install, and you don’t have to worry about operating it. This is a fantastic option for you to get at such an affordable price.


  • 360°Rotation
  • 90°Flip (Black)
  • Universal Air Vent
  • Car Phone Mount
  • Finger Grip Ring Kickstand
  • No harm to fingers


  • Fragile
  • Breaks easily

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5. VEPOWER Phone Ring Stand

VEPOWER Phone Ring Stand is one of Best PopSocket Alternatives

You might be having all of the top-rated accessories for your phone, but if there isn’t any phone finger grip there, it would be considered as incomplete. One of the most prominent and highly recommended brands of ring holders is VePower.

It has a creative design with 360° rotation and flips at 360°. You can also use the kickstand function of this PopSocket alternative. The invisible spindle and joint of the holder makes it quite appealing and don’t hurt the beauty of your smart or iPhone. 

This ringer holder is made out of the finest quality of zinc alloy and stainless steel. The edges of the ring are smooth and polished; so you don’t have to worry about scratched fingers. 


  • Absolute maneuverability
  • Smooth and comfortable to wear
  • Secure and firm grip
  • Zinc made
  • Anti-slip


  • • Bit expensive if compare with the competitors

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6. ESR Cell Phone Ring Holder Stand

ESR Cell Phone Ring Holder Stand

Are you looking for a glamorous ring holder stand for your device? If so, this could be the best option here. It has 15 sparkling crystals that can give your phone a spectacular feel. ESR is one of the best ring holders when it comes to classy and dramatic look and feels. This one is mainly designed for women. 

This one is not compatible with the iPhone 8 and 8 plus unless you put a case on those models. There you will see two-dimensional rotation; 360 and 180. This helps you to rotate your phone in any direction to maximize the usability of the phone. 

Pros & Cons


  • Gorgeous crystals
  • Washable and reusable
  • Allows multitasking while you’re on the go
  • Sturdy and durable


  • A bit pricier than low rated ring holders

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7. Lamicall Phone Ring Holder

Lamicall Phone Ring Holder

Lamicall phone holder kickstand is made from a high-quality zinc alloy and stainless steel. The zinc has a sufficient ductility which enhances the lifespan of the product. There are polished and smooth edges which are enough to ensure you that it won’t put any scratch on your fingers. 

Phone Ring Holder by Lamicall is compatible with all Smartphone available till date in the market; you can check yourself for iPhone 12, 11 Pro Xs Max XR X and other android mobile phones.

It features excellent tightness so the user can easily adjust the phone and turn around in any direction. You can also lock it in one position; there is the option of using this ring holder in portrait or landscape view for reading or watching videos. 

And don’t worry about the adhesive used in this holder; the manufacturers have claimed themselves that they adhesive is stable enough and it won’t let your phone drop on any occasion. Besides it tends to hold 5kg of weight which is fantastic, I must say. 


  • Strong 3M adhesive
  • Compatible with 4-11″ phones
  • Loose free hinge


  • Bit significant for some hands

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8. FITFORT Phone Ring Holder Finger Kickstand

FITFORT Phone Ring Holder Finger Kickstand

The FITFORT phone ring holder has a multifunctional design which can define how easily you can use your Smartphone. This ring holder boasts the magnetic absorption and keeps your phone stable the moment you are driving. 

There is 3M VHB which is sticky, but this won’t let any mark or scratch on your phone or even on the case. You can get two extra 3M tapes for the replacement purpose inside the box. This too supports 360 rotation and 180 flip angels. 


  • Wide compatibility
  • 360 free rotation
  • Stylish and elegant
  • Anti-drop features
  • Strong and sturdy
  • Easily to mount on flat surfaces


  • A little hard to open

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9. Spigen Style Ring Phone Holder for All Phones

Spigen Style Ring Phone Holder for All Phones

Although the PopSockets are widely popular, I have to confess here that the Spigen’s phone holder has some special place in my heart and on my phone case as well.

Similar to Popsocket, this one is more functional, this makes the grip firmer by not losing the cutest designs.

The grip is fantastic, and you need to use just one finger to hold the device. It allows you to put it flat on any flat place and its magnetic plate cant let it lose the grip. There is a wireless charging inhibits inside the plate.

It’s 360 rotation hinges on the surface itself; so you can use it as a kickstand in any mode as long as you don’t stick ring close to the bottom.


  • Drop free handy grip
  • Kickstand
  • Car mount hook
  • Rotate and flip


  • Hinges over time
  • Qi charging non-compatibility

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10. Aduro Phone Ring Holder

Aduro Phone Ring Holder

The manufacturers are way more vigilant in customer service, and they are eager to listen to their customer to sort out problems. Now the Adour phone features a spindle which gives your phone flexibility to adjust whatever direction you need. 

You will be free to use your hands in some other tasks once you put your phone on the holder. And most importantly this is pretty good in protecting your cell phone from accidents, and you can work correctly as a car mount. 


  • Vertical & Horizontal Stand
  • Easily slide
  • Car Vent Mount
  • Top Quality Materials
  • Compatible with all smartphones


  • Don’t stick appropriately for iPhone

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Why PopSockets are the best phone Finger grips?

Indeed, you must have noticed that your thumb reached all of the corners without any trouble. But now as we have 5-6 inches of models in our hands; and they won’t let us operate them with a thumb or without a little help. 

Luckily, there are ample of products designed to give you a better grip on your mobiles. They can help your fingers to hook properly so the thumb would be free enough to roam farther. 

I have found it more helpful for selfie positioning without any claw hook gripping issue.

These phone grips are phone accessories that you can attach at the back of your phone or its case. This worth yet straightforward trying tiny object has a handle so you can put your fingers. 

PopSocket alternative is mostly used because of the telescoping grip. Don’t limit yourself to simple PopSockets; there are a massive variety of other options that are available in the market. Above all, they are affordable and long-lasting. 

Frequently asked Questions (FAQs)

Why you need PopSocket alternative? 

The PopSocket alternatives provide your phone with much better grip; also make it more comfortable to take selfies without worry about dropping the phone. 

What are some drawbacks of PopSocket? 

Add some bulk at the back of your phone.
Might not be compatible for all phone cases
It doesn’t have much protection for your device like a screen protector. So if you are using this alternative without putting a case, it can damage the back cover of your phone. 

Does PopsSocket damage your phone? 

No, it doesn’t damage any of your devices. The sticky part of the PopSockets doesn’t leave any residue, nor do they damage the device. Moreover, you can also remove or re-position the popsocket when even you like.

How to hold your phone while texting?

It varies depending on different conditions. Most commonly way to hold mobile while texting is thumb on one edge, three fingers slightly curved on the other edge, and index on back of phone.

Final Thoughts

It is reported that more than 40 million phone grip holder is sold all around the globe. So this could be pretty hard to go a day without spotting phone grip holder. The manufacturers have a variety of colours and patterns. Since the adhesive used in the PopSockets are reusable, you can switch between your favourite and best style and colour. 

I do my best to keep myself updated with the latest gadgets and accessories so I can use and share so people can get the maximum benefit out of them. 

This was all about best popsocket alternative from my side, all these products are well researched and used personally so keep you aware of the top-notch quality of the alternatives to make your life much easier.

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