Best Harley Phone Mounts

Best Harley Phone Mounts Review in 2024

Riding a bike is good but what about the right direction? Have you ever ride a bike while listening to music and following easy traffic-free routes?

The ability to tell a good route from a terrible one is a valuable skill when leading an expedition. And that’s why we never leave our valued customers like you behind.

The motorcycle phone mount provides one-stop-shop solutions for your traveling. Your one-time little investment will help you to navigate, attend important calls, listen to music, record your travel, track your speed, distance, and many more.

This comfy and secure device holder is going to be at the top of your wish list. By keeping your needs, safety, budget, and desires in mind, we have listed the top 10 best Harley phone mount

10 Best Harley Phone Mounts

1. Roam Universal Phone Mount for Motorcycles

Roam Universal Phone Mount for Motorcycles

Whether you want to listen to music or track the location, this product will surely make your day. This remarkable phone mount is universal for all phones.

The approximate weight of the device is 3.36 ounces with 2.5x 5.5 x1 inches dimensions. Moreover, the mount is adjustable to any handlebar size up to 1.25inch in diameter.

The roam universal phone mount can hold iPhone x, iPhone 8/8 Plus, Samsung Galaxy S9 or S9+, Google Pixel 2 or 2 XL, or any phone of 3.5 inches in width.

Besides all, this device is versatile, secure, and stronger as compared to the competent phone mounts. Roam universal phone mount is made up of hard plastic, silicone, and metal to ensure the safety and durability of the phone. This material stretches up to 4 times itself. Further pros and cons are discussed below:


  • Capable of working with both bicycles and motorcycles
  • Fits your handlebars
  • Best in class and durability
  • Fits 3.5 inches wide phones
  • A large clamp that can latch on to most handlebars
  • Secure and versatile


  • Not fit on stylish handlebars
  • Does not support more than 3.5 inches wide phones

2. GUB Bicycle & Motorcycle Phone Mount

GUB Bicycle & Motorcycle Phone Mount

Riders always prefer to buy strong phone holder to avail of quality and reliable phone holder. So, this device is designed to fit the phones with a width of 50mm to 100mm and can be mounted upon the handlebar and stem cover.

With manufacturing CNC al6063 material, this durable device comes in black, red, gold, blue, and silver color with 90g of weight.

Hence, this stable and firmed device doesn’t compromise with appearance. Moreover, fine cutting helps to prevent direct contact with the surface of the phone.

Along with the 360-degree rotation feature, the gub phone mount fits the best for both bicycles and motorcycles. Further pros and cons are discussed below.


  • Fully compatible with mainstream mobile phones
  • Aluminum alloy frame
  • Enhanced stability
  • Fashion texture appearance
  • Adjustable width
  • Can be used with both bicycles and motorcycles


  • Does not support mobile phone up to 100mm width

3. Thick Case Design Bike Motorcycle Phone Mount

Thick Case Design Bike Motorcycle Phone Mount Handlebar Holder

Thick Case Design is one of the best Harley phone mounts. This phone mount can hold up to 7 inches phones and is feasible with both motorcycle and bicycle to provide a strong grip.

The aluminum alloy material used in its manufacturing helps to keep the phones safe on the handlebar without shaking and losing.

Fortunately, this is perfectly compatible with all phones but with thick cases like the LifeProof case or otter box case.

It can be transformed to 100mm (3.9inch) to make it suitable for phones ranging from 4 inches to 7 inches.


  • Lengthened eagle claw to adjust the width accordingly
  • Net weight 112g
  • Made from aluminum alloy
  • Compatible with LifeProof, Otterbox, and mobile power bank


  • Support only thick phones

4. Widras Phone Motorcycle Mount

Widras Phone Bike Mount and Motorcycle Cell Phone Holder

This amazing product comes with a 1-year warranty and guaranteed customer satisfaction. This product is engineered from top quality materials only to ensure safety and build complete peace of mind.

Apart from this, this phone mount is compatible with all phones up to 3.5 inches in width including iPhone 7, 6,6s, 5, 4, galaxy s6 edge, s5, s4, nexus, LG, Motorola, HTC, and other phones of this size. Along with all the above benefits, this phone mount is easily installed within 45 seconds.


  • Multiple functions
  • Quick installation
  • Compatible for most devices
  • Innovative design
  • Engineered from only top quality materials
  • No assembly required
  • Smart and safe use of bike mount for GPS device
  • Easy use of the mobile camera while riding your bike


  • Doesn’t fit a few phones

5. Ciro Smartphone/GPS Perch Mount Holder 50311

Ciro Smart Phone/GPS Perch Mount Holder for Harley

This outstanding phone mount holder comes in classic black design and pairs up with all ‘8-up h-d model clutch or brake perch mounts.

This device is compatible with 2 1/8’’ to 3 ½’’ wide phones. This upgraded phone mount is easy to operate to keep your phone secured.

The ball mount offers a wide range of angle adjustment to customize the angle accordingly. Moreover, it is specially designed for both right-handed and left-handed people.


  • Smartphone holder assembly
  • Black aluminum perch mount
  • Socket head bolts
  • Spacers
  • High-quality product
  • Screws fit tightly


  • No charger
  • Expensive to buy
  • Can be a bit sturdier

6. Ciro 50216 Smartphone/GPS Holder

IRO 50216 Smartphone/GPS Holder (Black Fairing Mount with Charger

To make your phone mount easy to operate and install, select Ciro 50216 smartphone/GPS holder. It compromises a 1.3 USB port of onboard charging to avoid low battery during longer rides. Ciro 50216 smartphone/GPS holder is one of the best Harley phone mounts.

The core algo behind the manufacturing was to protect the phone from scratches and features a ball mounting system.

Moreover, both left and right-handed people can use it. Its additional offerings include wiring harness w/ 4 amp inline fuse, fork spade terminal, power jack, and smartphone holder assembly.


  • In-built charger
  • Ambidextrous design
  • Highly adjustable


  • Sometimes center mount glides downwards

7.  Ciro 50214 Handlebar Mount Smartphone/GPS Holder with Charger

Ciro 50214 Handlebar Mount Smartphone/GPS Holder With Charger

Take a break from your regular phone mounts and use this chrome-colored phone mounts to increase the beauty of Harley bikes.

This device is designed easily to fit with devices within 21/8’’-31/2’’ width to easily cage up your phone in rubber molded fingers.

Especially designed for left-handers to operate it conveniently. It has a 1.3 USB port but unfortunately, the battery of the GPS drains quickly.


  • Stylish phone mount in chrome color
  • Ambidextrous design
  • In-built charger


  • Expensive to buy

8. ILM Upgraded Bike Motorcycle Phone Mount

ILM Upgraded Bike Motorcycle Phone Mount Aluminum Bicycle Cell Phone Holder

To avail of the phone mount for power sports with aluminum to hold the device with a firm and stable, ILM upgraded bike motorcycle phone mount is the top choice.

This versatile device fits any cell phone up to 3.7 inches wide and handlebar sizes from ¾’’-1-3/8’’ in diameter.

It provides 360-degree rotation with multi-adjustable viewing angles of your phone. Silver-colored universal fit enables users to protect phones with a stronger grip and larger clamps.


  • Holds your phone and devices firmly and stable
  • Designed for Powersports
  • Made from lightweight and strong aluminum
  • Adjustable from 3/4” to 1-3/8”
  • Accommodates up to 3.7 inches phones


  • Expensive to buy
  • Not support more than 3.7 inches phone

9. Motorcycle Phone Mount with Charger USB Port

 Motorcycle Phone Mount with Charger 5V 2.4A USB Port is Best harley phone mount

If you are looking for an exclusive motorcycle phone mount, then choose a motorcycle phone mount with a charger USB port. It is made of high quality, durable, and sturdy abs material to deliver long results.

It’s compatible with 3.5 inches to 6.5 inches to fit with all iPhones, smartphones, and GPS navigators. It uses the gear mechanism with a one-touch lock release key while absorbing sudden vibrations and shocks.


  • Holds your phone and devices firmly and stable
  • Designed for Powersports
  • Made from lightweight and strong aluminum
  • Adjustable from 3/4” to 1-3/8”
  • Accommodates up to 3.7 inches phones


  • Expensive to buy
  • Not support more than 3.7 inches phone

10. Universal Motorcycle Control Mount

Universal Motorcycle Control Mount

Go for Universal motorcycle control mount – tech mount to get the strongest grip to protect your phone. It uses the techgripper which is strongest on motorbikes for holding your phones securely.

It is compatible with up to 4.3’’ and makes it easy to adapt to multiple devices. Besides, it comes with an ultra-convenient design to attach the handlebar control clamp with spacers. The most visual reason people buy this product is due to its lightweight and durability.


  • Comes with charging USB port
  • Waterproof cover
  • Adjustable from 3.5 inches to 6.5 inches
  • Made of high quality, durable, and sturdy abs material
  • One-touch lock release key
  • Flexible nylon clamps


  • Doesn’t work with every phone
  • More expensive charging solution
  • Slower charging times

Best Harley Phone Mounts Buying Guide

How to Choose the Best Bike Phone Mount for your Harley bikes?

When it comes to bike riding, phone mounts are your best solution. Whether you want an off-road phone mount, dirt bike phone mount, waterproof motorcycle phone mount, or finding the best Harley phone mounts with charger, our brief list has got you covered.

Phone mount provides the user with ease to consistently look at your phone for navigation or anything else. Also, it’s not all about buying the phone mount within your budget, it demands the best in features and compatibility as well.

The increased demand for smartphones had led to an escalating selection of phone mounts. The above listed best and top-rated phone mounts may have confused your purchasing.

There are several other factors as well that must be considered before making a transaction. So, read the below steps to select the best Harley phone mounts for your bike.

a) Brand: 

Every brand has set different standards in terms of features, compatibility, and manufacturing as well.

So, when picking the best Harley phone mount, we have to consider brands that best match our requirements and are well-known for producing long-lasting phone mounts.

Some of the renowned brands are Gearlock, Wallfire, and Stoon that will top up your search while searching for the “best Harley phone mount brands”.

b) Reviews:

No one can completely satisfy you rather than the customers like you. Try to buy the Harley phone mount who has a number of actual customer reviews to ensure that whether it qualifies your needs or just slurp your pockets.

No product is completely perfect, every product brings some pros and cons to meet or defeat its competitors. So, never forget to see the testimonials before making a purchase.

c) Price:

Everyone has their own budget and its limitations to buying items. So, keeping this in mind, we have listed the above Harley phone mounts from a higher to lower price range to meet everyone’s budget.

If you have reserved a high amount of money for a phone mount that good because you can have all the desired features and qualities in it.

But it really doesn’t mean that with the low-price range you are going to buy low-quality products. Just do some search or you can select from our list as well.

d) Product Guarantee:

Whether it’s a little or a higher investment, it demands some guarantee to ensure the working period of the product.

Most of the Harley phone mount brands are delivering lifetime guarantee while some are claiming money return if the product doesn’t meet the mentioned criteria.

e) Compatibility:

Before searching for the phone mounts, clarify the type of phone mount that will suit your bike handlebar or fits your phone screen size. Phone mounts come in many sizes and dimensions.

A wrong selection can result in damage to your smartphone. So, must check the statistics to ensure compatibility before making a purchase.

f)  Materials:

Phone mounts are just a matter of preference in terms of color and materials. But the safety and durability of the phone mount depend directly on the type of material used.

Some materials are not enough strong to ensure the grip of the handlebar or maybe too aggressive such as the GPS or the phone may get some scratches.

At the time of purchasing, ensure the quality and type of material and select the one that will enhance the safety and longevity of your device.

g) Types of Phone Mounts

For an anonymous person, a bike mount is just a bike mount but in reality, they come in many types and sizes as discussed above. The major types of phone mounts are

  • Case and mount:
    • Universal bracket
    • Frame bag

Best Harley Phone Mounts: All About My Personal Choice

Buying is never a stress-free process especially when you have set certain goals and budgets for a certain product.

After a long search, fortunately, I buy two of the above motorcycle phone mounts, and glad to tell you that both of them were exactly the same as I needed and for what I had paid.

To save you from time-wasting research, I have listed that two amazing phones mount to save your pockets and enhance your driving.

Roam Universal Phone Mount for Motorcycles

Being the most affordable and most popular phone mount available in the market, roam phone mount is highly adjustable with all Harley phone mounts.

It is made up of premium plastic and has 6 points of contact to grip your phone to ensure that your phone is at the safest and does not fall off. It is budget-friendly, universal in size, and adjustable handlebar mounts.

GUB Bicycle & Motorcycle Phone Mount

When the safety of your phone is at the utmost priority, then GUB bicycle & motorcycle phone mount provides its customers with guaranteed safety.

This mount can be fixed both vertically and horizontally as per the user’s preferences. It also allows adjustment of a suitable angle.

It has multiple protection in the form of four edges which enables it to fits into its pedestal. It is also the best choice for bike riders who want to use it with mobile phones and GPS devices as well.

It’s made up of an aluminum frame with a Cushioning adhesive patch for the clamp. The best part is that it’s extremely easy and comfy in terms of installation. Whether you have a bike or a bicycle, the manufacturers have got you covered.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to install a phone mount on a bike?

Installing a phone mount on a bike is easy if you follow the following steps:
Step 1: You will need a hard plastic phone case, rubber band, a patch of rubber, and glue or a double-sided adhesive tape.
Step 2: Cut out 2 hooks by using a drill or a plasma cutter. Keep the hook shape narrow to snap-in the rubber band.
Step 3: Attach two small pieces of rubbery with the help of glue or double-sided tape to prevent the case from sliding around.
Step 4: At the last, mount the holder and have a safe ride.

Where to buy a bike phone holder?

When you search on the internet for the best bike phone holder at nominal rates, you will find several websites offering discounts and other related offers to attract customers. Considering this little investment can cause future costs and frequent repairs or maybe the replacement of cell phones.
So, it’s highly recommended to buy a bike phone holder that suited your bike handlebars and the budget as well. The genuine and authentic website will offer their valued customers with several months or years warranty. If you want to buy online then consider the following websites that are the most dependable and trustable by millions of users includes amazon, and many more. So, make sure to pay the right amount to the right seller only.

What are the Best Harley Phone Mounts?

Roam universal phone mount for motorcycles is renowned as one of the best phone mounts for Harley. As it is the most durable, has the compatibility to fit with all devices ranging in 2.5x 5.5 x1 inches dimensions.
This phone mount can be adjusted from the smallest handlebars to the largest ones. Apart from this, it provides users a lifetime guarantee and quality policy. With this phone mount, you can rest assured that your phone will not fall off.

What is the best phone mount for a mountain bike?

Whether it’s your first adventure or want to take tours of the hill stations to click memorable snaps, navigation is always on the top to avoid danger zones.
Universal motorcycle control mount – tech mount is the best choice for the bike riders who want a strong grip to protect their smartphones with the ease of getting turn-by-turn navigation and sight-by-sight snapshots. This phone easily fits with any mobile phone at a nominal rat

What is the best motorcycle phone mount with a charger?

Ciro 50214 handlebar mount smartphone/GPS holder with charger is highly recommended due to its durability and charger feature. Besides, users prefer this because it is designed for left-handers to operate it conveniently. 

Where to Buy Best Harley Phone Mounts?

You can find the best Harley phone mounts on different online platforms. Amazon has a huge variety of the best Harley phone mounts for sale.

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